IOS Integration

Hey There , Since we have observed that developers on thunkble x are constantly looking for a way to integrate google sheets to get and update data via their app. Today we are here with a solution...
The renowned Cloudsheets Service which was so far only available to android based builders is now extended further for Thunkable X developers.
By using this service you can control a host spreadsheet from your app.
As a part of the initial start, we are offering some basic but useful features, we plan to extend our services with more options in the future
Hope you are keeping ready your API key and Spreadsheet to format data.. This docs is specially for Thunkable X integration So let's continue........
Sample Spreadsheet
Here is the the spreadsheet name Cloudsheets Sample for Thunkable X that i'm going to use for this demonstration.. As you can see here in row 1 i have defined columns name also called as tags. Make sure to follow this step to make your row 1 as a tag/column name holder. Also another point to keep in mind is don't use space or any special characters in column names.
Example : Column A is not a valid column name... You should name it as Column_A.
Also as you can see here the sheet name is Sheet1 by default. if you want then you are free to change the sheet name but the same terms applied here too.. you can't use special character or spaces in sheet name. For example Sheet 1 is not a valid name you should name it as Sheet1.
Now Lets work with the integration
I am using Thunkable X an online Drag-n-Drop builder were you can make your apps without coding.
You'll need to input your API Key and Sheet name. Now let's create a sample project to read/write data on this spreadsheet.
You can get the api key from Cloudsheets Website
Sample Design
I'm using a really basic design for explanation process. Design is all your creativity you can make it as per choice
All set Now we can perform actions using the given formatting options given in the web hook.. below we have given formatting option that you can use to format data on your spreadsheet.. to know more select the option you want...