Update Cell

This option will let you update the data of a specific cell of your spreadsheet. Below it's explained how you can do it too...
To Update data of a cell you will need the Update Cell and Search in Sheet block
Now, We will need to use the search in sheet block to get the row number of the row we wish to update. If you already have the row number then you can skip this step.
inColumn block – Enter Name of column where you want to search the data
query block – Enter the data you wish to search
fromColumn Block – Leave blank in this case
Writing the blocks
When the user clicks the update button the app should check if the data entered by him in the query block is there in the designated column or not
The extension will either return 0 or any other integer (this integer is the index of row you wish to update)
Lets now navigate to the Got Search Result Blocks
Now we will use the update cell block to update the data of the cell
We will use the variable we have used to locate the position of our data. In my case I have used the variable : index (global index) and we will specify the column of the specific data that is to be updates. In my case I want to update the phone no of a specific user so I stored it in a column named “ Phone Number”.
We will set the value block to the text we want to save in the cell.
The last block left is the “ cell updated block “
We will check the response code that we have received from the server.
If we get the response code as 200 then that means that the cell’s data has been updated and if we get any other response code, it means that there was some problem.
So, this was the process of updating data of a cell using the Cloudsheets extension.
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Documentation by Team Cloudsheets