📝Update Row

This option enables you to update the data of a specific row in your spreadsheet. This documentation will take you through the entire process and hep you avoid errors
To Update data we will have to use the update row block
Inputs :
row Number : Integer
column Names : List
values : List
Writing the blocks
In row number we will pass integer value, this will be the row number where we want to update the data. You can locate the row number of any data using in the search in sheet block
Column Names : We will pass a list of names of all columns where we wish to update the data.
Values L We will again pass a list of values corresponding to column names to update the data.
After Event
Now we move to the last step, we will wait for the server to process our data and return the status of our request.
We will be using the Row Updated block for this with if then condition, if the server returns the response code as 200 then that means the request was executed successfully, if it does not return 200 as response code then that means that the request was not processed due to some reason, we can get the entire reason by using the msg block which tells us about the exact error returned by the server. The blocks will look like the one shown below :
This completes the process of updating the data of a specific row in your spreadsheet using the Cloudsheets Classic / Pro Extension
Documentation by Team Cloudsheets