⌨️ Get Row

This option will enable you to get the data of a specific row in your spreadsheet from your app. Below it's explained how you can do it too...
To Get a row, we will need the Get Row and the Search in Sheet block
Now, We will need to use the search in sheet block to get the row number of the row we wish to update. If you already have the row number then you can skip this step.
inColumn block – Enter Name of column where you want to search the data
query block – Enter the data you wish to search
fromColumn Block – Leave blank in this case
Writing the blocks
When the user clicks the update button the app should check if the data entered by him in the query block is there in the designated column or not
The extension will either return 0 or any other integer (this integer is the index of row you wish to update)
Lets now navigate to the Got Search Result Blocks
Now, we first check the response code, if we get response code as 200 then we can proceed, else if we get any other response code then we will show an error message to the user
Now we are left with only one bloc, i.e. the GotRow block
So this one is really simple, we will just check for the response code, if we have got a response code as 200 then that means that we have received the data in list format which we can store anywhere we want, for now am using a label to store the data of the row. If the response code is not 200 then we will notify the user that an error has occurred.
We need the select list item block available in list section of blocks, in list we will insert the get value block and in index we enter the index number of element we wish to get, Eg : In a data of Name, email and password if I wish to print email in label 1 then my selection index will be 2
This completes the process of getting the data of a specific row using the spreadsheet extension.
Documentation by Team Cloudsheets