✍️ Create Row

This option empowers you to create a new row in your spreadsheet. This documentation will take you through the entire process and hep you avoid errors
To upload data, you will need the create row block
To upload data in the spreadsheet you will need the make a list block. You can get it in the list option of the blocks section.
When a user clicks the upload button the app should send the credentials entered by the user to the spreadsheet.
Now we will attach the make a list block to the create row block.
Important: This process will upload data column wise, i.e. the first value will be placed in column. To leave a column blank just keep the index of that column blank.
Eg : to skip entering data in 2nd column, leave the second place of make a list block empty.
So, we will attach values in the dame sequence in the make a list block as shown in the image below
Now we will move the the second block,
Here we need to check the response code returned by the server to make sure that data was sent successfully
Note : Response Code 200 means successful
In this step we need the row created block with an if then and an equal to block.
We will insert the equal to block in the if then block and we will attach the if then block to row created block.
Now using the if then block we will check if the response code returned by server is 200 or not. If its 200 then we can notify the user that the procedure was completed successfully else we will notify him / her that there was an error. You can get the precise reason which caused the error by checking the message that came in return from the server by printing the value in msg
The blocks of this step will look like the one shown below :
So, this completes the process of uploading data to spreadsheet using the CloudsheetsClassic Extension. The process for Pro extension is also exactly the same, the only difference is that it will provide better speed
Docs by Team XyberNeo