Get Column

This option will let call the data of a specific column using the extension from the spreadsheet. Below it's explained how you can do it too...
This is one of the simplest blocks, we need the GetColumn block for this.
Writing the Blocks
Column Name – Name of Column which you want to call (Text input)
Max Record – Maximum data which you want to get (Integer Input)
This is how you block will look like
Now we need to setup the GotColumn Block,
We will use a very simple logic here. We will first check the response code, if the response code is 200 then we proceed else we will inform the user that there was some error in getting data.
After we get the response code as 200, we now show the values with the help of a specific component, am using list viewer here, you can chose any other component as well
This is how our blocks should look like
This completes the process of getting data of a specific column using the CloudsheetsClassic Extension.
Documentation by Team Cloudsheets