Android Integration

Hope you have your API Key, Sheet Name and Spreadsheet Name handy
This documentation is designed keeping in mind each and every developer from starter to a well experienced person. This documentation is specially for Android Integration for Drag-n-drop platforms.
Basic Setup
Sample Spreadsheet
This is the spreadsheet that will be used for the documentation. As you can see here in row 1 we will defined column names also called as tags. Make sure to follow this step to make your row 1 as a tag/column name holder. Also another point to keep in mind is don't use any special characters in column names.
Also as you can see here the sheet name is Sheet1 by default. if you want then you are free to change the sheet name but the same terms are applicable here too. You can not use special character in sheet name
Now Import the extension to builder
I am using an online Drag-n-Drop builder where you can make your apps without coding. I would recommend you to use Kodular. So let's import our Cloudsheets extension here.
In this extension you'll need to input your API Key, Sheet name and Spreadsheet Name.
We are done with the basic setup now
We have completed the basic setup now and we are all set to use the service to get/send data to spreadsheet using the extension(s)