πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Cloudsheets ! It's a dedicated API service to link your Google Spreadsheet with Android Apps using an unique API Key.
We're excited to help you begin your app building journey. Established on 28th January, 2019 Cloudsheets is an API Generation service with its head quarters in Gurgaon, India
We believe the future of software is about connecting the tools you already use, not creating new ones. Now a days database is everything if your are a developer of apps, Spreadsheet is the place where you can read/write your data in a very organised way. Also the Spreadsheet is the product of Google so all your data & informations are secured and you also don't have to pay for this database coz it's free. Cloudsheets API Key is the service which lets you connect your Google Spreadsheet with your android apps so that you can use it as a database and can red/write data very easily.
Adding or updating data will be as easy as writing in Spreadsheet or adding a new row to Google Sheets. Forms, uploads, and purchases wil go right back into your google spreadsheet, without custom backend code required.
When APIs work in this way, everyone wins. There is less infrastructure for programmers to create and manage, and there are no new interfaces nontechnical users have to learn.

How to generate a new API Key?

Generating a new api key is very simple and easy. Simply follow these below steps and you can have your unique API key for your spreadsheet
  • Create/Login to your account on Cloudsheets.
  • Click on Create New API Key button. Cloudsheet New API activation form will appear
  • Enter your Spreadsheet title.. ( example : My Spreadsheet)
  • Click on the Share button, available at the top left corner of your spreadsheet and edit permission to anyone with this link can edit. Now copy the url and paste in Cloudsheets API activation form.
  • Click on Continue
  • Now the payment dashboard will appear, here you can do the payment VIA Paytm & Paypal too.. Also if you want to use the API key before payment you can simply close this tab and can do the payment later. Your API key will remain active for 3 days for free
  • All done. Your api key is now ready to read/write data on your spreadsheet.

How to use Cloudsheets API Key?

If you use drag-n-drop plateforms like Niotron, Kodular.. etc.. for creating your apps then you can use the Spreadsheet extension else if you user other platforms like Android Studio, PHP, Python, JavaScript then you can use the URL method for that.
CloudsheetsClassic that is highly capable to execute multiple commands with the most number of formatting options possible at the cheapest price and the best of support.
Cloudsheets is currently available for the following platform :
1 - Android Builders like Niotron and Kodular​
2 - IOS/Cross Platform Builders like Thunkable​
3 - PHP
4 - JavaScript
5 - Python

Formatting Options Offered :

1 - Create Row
2 - Update Row
3 - Get Row
4 - Delete Row
5 - Update Cell
6 - Get Cell
7 - Get Column
8 - Create New Sheet
9 - Get Sheet List
10 - Search in Sheet
11 - Get Sheet - Returns a JSON - a) Extract Row
b) Extract Column
c) Extract Cell
(Features Coming soon in Version 5, Under Beta Testing, Stage 2 - New Year Release) :
12 - Insert Formula
13 - Update Column
14 - Get Spreadsheet - Includes Extract Sheet Option too
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