Get Columns

Using this block you get the list of columns of your sheets from your app itself. Below its explained how you can perform this action
To get the list of columns of the spreadsheet we need the GetColumns block
We will have to run this block on some event, am using the button1.clicked event, you can use any other event as well such as when screen.initialize
Now we proceed to the next step, the got columns and error occurred blocks
The extension will return a list of columns available in your spreadsheet, I am using a list viewer to display that list to the user, you can use any other component as well such as list picker or spinner. If you don’t want to show this list to the user then you can use a global variable also.
The block after completion will look like as shown below:
This completes our process of getting the list of columns of our spreadsheet using the CloudsheetsTools extension.
Documentation by Team Cloudsheets