Cloudsheets Tools

A 100 % Free to use service with the best of support and amazing features

A highly capable product from the house of XyberNeo​

This is a free to use, public and open for contributions version of Cloudsheets which can perform various actions as listed below :

  1. Change Sheet Name / Rename Sheet

  2. Delete Column

  3. Cell's Background Colour

  4. Cell's Text Colour

  5. Cell's Text Size

  6. Column Background Colour

  7. Column Text Colour

  8. Column Text Size

  9. Row Background Colour

  10. Row Text Colour

  11. Row Text Size

  12. Set Tab Colour

  13. Get Cell background Colour

  14. Get Cell Text Size

  15. Get Cell Text Colour

  16. Get Column List

And many more coming soon in future updates